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Maybe next year
Maybe next year
is when we'll meet
Maybe next year
is when we'll love
Maybe next year
is the time
Maybe next year
is better
Maybe next year
is the right year
Maybe next year
we'll be in the right place
Maybe next year
you'll be the right one
Maybe next year
Maybe this year...
May be!
:iconale-haru11:ale-haru11 6 3
Where do we go now?
Where do we go now
as we have found no one?
Where do I look again
to find my one?
One friend
one soul
one caress
for any gesture of love
that is no more
and maybe
there never was
of love that we can't
find anymore
as I celebrate
yet another day
and waiting
with some more hope...
:iconale-haru11:ale-haru11 4 3
Why us
Why did you have to disappear
When I needed you more
Why did you have to die
When I first had you on my mind
Why did we never meet
When we should have
Why us
Why always us
Why can't we just be
As others are
I will try to live
like this
for your sake
as I will keep
resurrecting you
again and again
until you will
finally appear
once again
:iconale-haru11:ale-haru11 4 0
For You
You've never read my thoughts
like I could read yours
You might have never thought about me
like I did about you...
I need that love
as I need you
for you
as I will live
to see you
as I want you
to have someone
to be there
to be with someone
to never be without one
so that you
can live
what I never could
Wish we lived the same life
and thought the same thought...
:iconale-haru11:ale-haru11 3 0
[Korean poetry project]
내 생일 이잖아
나는이 내 시간을 점유 할
대신 죽음을 기다리는
이것을 읽지 않는다
당신은 그것에 대해 아무것도 할 수없는 경우
당신은 세상을 구할 수있는 하나가 될 수없는 경우
:iconale-haru11:ale-haru11 0 0
[Japanese poetry project]
:iconale-haru11:ale-haru11 2 0
Checking in
Checking in
once again
as I cannot distract myself
from you
who is not here
who was never here
the you whom I'm not sure
if I'll meet
or ever again
no matter what
no matter how
for better days
for less time
we have
and will have
                   only yours.
:iconale-haru11:ale-haru11 2 1
Never [Romanian poem project]
Oricât de mult
De oricâte ori
Nu voi înceta niciodată
Să aştept
Să mă întorc
Să repet
Să sper
Să visez
Să sper din nou
Şi să repet din nou
Voi fi mereu aici
Voi aştepta mereu
Mă voi întoarce mereu
Şi nu voi înceta să sper
Sau să visez la un ideal reper
:iconale-haru11:ale-haru11 1 0
Poate [Romanian poem project]
Poate că putem şi noi
Să ne pierdem
Cum se pierd şi alţii
În doi ochi
Cu două mâini
În două zile
Pentru o întreagă viaţă
Dacă vrem
Dacă încercăm
Dacă putem şi noi
Cum pot alţii
Să poată
:iconale-haru11:ale-haru11 4 3
How should I?
How should I?
How should I wait?
How should I know where to go?
How should I know where to stand?
How could I... we meet maybe
Again one day?
Start for once
Start anew
Never end
What never began
How could I know where I stand?
How could we make it last?
Where would we go
If we had the chance?
How would we live
If we could share this day?
All that I want?
Sharing this day,
These moments,
Our future.
:iconale-haru11:ale-haru11 4 3
Me again
It's me again
Still here
Still not there
Still waiting
Still not sure where I should be
Were I should go
Were we should go
How we should be
Still me
Still me again
Only me
While no sight of you
Is anywhere near near
We are still
Still far
Farther away than we ever where
And ever will be.
Still waiting.
:iconale-haru11:ale-haru11 4 1
Still me
Still me
Still no you
Still here
Still not there
Can I maybe just
Talk to you like this
If I know no other way
If I take no other chance?
Can I maybe just
Make this ruthless time pass quicker
So I won't have to go through this
So that I maybe
Don't have to wait another day
So I don't have to go on
Without you another second?
When will I stop
Sending letters to you?
Write back...
:iconale-haru11:ale-haru11 3 3
here we are
at my last message
here I am
at this small letter
I do not wish to end
but I will
because I'm selfish
and I want to you
in my life
finally I am
where no man has ever gone before
in this unreal life I'm living
with my olympian
daringly coming out my trap
opening my heart
and welcoming you
or without
the music
as I unconsciously wandered
through this adventure
through my country
and globally
where the wounded
and the broken
are extinct
after the war
I found my freedom
falling head over heels
and hopelessly
in love with you
and got lost
without a map
as I see now
that I've written a poem
more than once
as I was utterly desperate
for my olympian
with whom I'll never
be alone again
with whom I'll find peace
through my past's sacrifice
while holding hands
during our golden days
and all the little things
I saw flying through my life
without ever reaching
will now
more than unreal
as I am home
at last
twenty-four hours after
:iconale-haru11:ale-haru11 2 0
Forgive me
forgive me for being late
as I will forgive you
for being slow
revel in this chance we got
to be
to say
that we are together
ask for my forgiveness
I will
as long as it's
for the past
for back then
when I was not with you
when you were not with me
when we wandered the streets alone
without looking at each other
without holding hands
without smiling to each other
stupid things
we'll never do
ever again
:iconale-haru11:ale-haru11 1 0
how I wanted an olympian
more than anything
to become my all
to become my everything
to hold and cherish
to trust and conquer
to spend my days with
and suffer hours without
but now
all I want
and all I will ever want
is you
you who is now my olympian
who is now my all
who is now my everything
and more...
you are my olympian, dude!
:iconale-haru11:ale-haru11 2 0
as unreal as we are
I want you to become
my unreal love
my eternal soul
my strong pillar
through my endless nights
and we will talk
and we will laugh
and we will cry
and we will jump
and we will scream and shout
like no tomorrow will
ever come
like no past was
ever there
like no present can
ever break
and I
and you
and we
will live that unreal
but so believable
over and over again
and we will be happy ^_^
:iconale-haru11:ale-haru11 3 0


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As you may have noticed, if you're an active watcher, I have some poetry which is completely made out of sentences and words that do not make sense until further review.
What I'm trying to imply is that there is more to meaning than the words themselves when you first read a poem or haiku.
I'm sure you will understand the symbolic meaning behind all poems in the world if you pour your soul into them.
There is NO word in the world which doesn't mean something to a person.
A poem CAN be made out of solely ONE WORD.
There are NO LIMITS to meaning.


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